Welcome! I’m Michelle Mann. I create, celebrate, exhibit, teach, read and advise.

Here’s what I am focused on right now:

The launch of my intuitive and inspirational Oracle Deck and Book – the Gold Lotus Oracle Deck.



amatheiaPrinting has commenced and pre-orders have been so gratefully accepted – thank you, thank you, thank you!

I have been using and teaching the use of oracle and angel card guidance for multiple decades. At the same time over many years I have developed and taught fine arts and mixed media art skills across Queensland.

I have held healing art workshops where women have used the creation of art to explore and process emotions around challenges in their lives.

This project brings those two complementary parts of my practise together like NEVER BEFORE.

I would like to thank Sunshine Coast Council for their support through their Regional Arts Development Fund.
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The Gold Lotus Oracle Deck will be packaged with my interpretive book – illuminating extended information from the intuitive divinatory readings the cards provide. This package will be available for purchase in December – register your interest here

WHO: I am Michelle Mann. I create art in numerous modalities, from paper and board, watercolour, acrylic and textured media, to award crown-chakrawinning art quilts touring the USA after selection from worldwide entries. I am also a spiritual reader, having learned my craft starting in London 27 years ago and continuously developing my skills and networks in this area near my Queensland home over many years.

Michelle Mann with two Gold Lotus series pieces 2016I am also a married mother of four children with a Diploma in Business.

I aim to inspire professional women aged 35 up who are interested in the environment and spirituality invested in nurturing themselves.

Colour and beauty resonate from within me and from those people and experiences that inspire me, into my art and my readings.


“Everything I create and communicate comes from a positive and light energy with meditation, fun and spontaneity.



You know: we all have a gift for using our intuition and creativity –

the key is quietening the mind and listening to your heart and soul…”

Browse Gold Lotus Oracle Merchandise? – stationery, iphone cases, prints available:

Click the image below to access stationery, iphone covers and more from the original images in my Gold Lotus Oracle Deck and my earlier artworks:
Michelle Mann's Society 6 Merchandise