Michelle Mann is a Spiritual Artist, Psychic, Intuitive Healer, Reiki Master and Author.

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Here you can find psychic readings and healings to help you discover the right path back to the authentic you. We all get a little lost at times, sometimes it takes a specialist with extra insight to point us in the right direction.

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Michelle is also the artist and author who created the multi-award winning Gold Lotus Oracle Deck. Critics, psychics, healers and customers have acclaimed the unique, positive, beautiful art featured on each Oracle Card, bursting with rich colour and lined in gold foil, with an embossed Gold Lotus on the reverse of every card.

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Blue Angel Card

Blue angel is here to comfort and calm you. She is letting you know that your loved ones who have passed over are safe, comfortable, and trouble-free. She is the bridge or connection between worlds. Allow the feeling to flow through you and comfort you. Release any fears or problems you have around your loved ones on the other side to her, and she will answer them. It could be an anniversary of a passing and a time of remembrance for those we love.

Spirit Deer Card

Spirit Deer has come to you to remind you that you have the courage and strength within you to deal with pressures in your life. Spirit Deer is here to support and guide you through difficult times. You do have the strength to keep going regardless of the obstacle ahead. When issues arise, feel assured the Spirit Deer will be able to resolve them. Learn from these situations to a clearer path. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Time Card

Are you feeling that you don’t have enough time? Your days are made up of tasks and run by time. Goddess of Time is here to remind you to slow down and take a breath. Maybe look at ways to be more organised so you have a smooth beginning to your day. Having a structure for your basic day can help to make things achievable. Give yourself break times. You like structure and feel better when you flow rather than running from one thing to another. There are those who are too rigid with time and you may need to let go a little and have time out from the structure.

“This deck vibrates with light, positivity and divine accuracy.”

Gold Lotus Oracle Book

The Gold Lotus Oracle Book builds on the wisdom of the Gold Lotus Oracle Deck and contains crystal vibrations, numerology, yoga poses, meditations and affirmations that vibrate with each card, making the deck an even more invaluable healing tool.

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Michelle leads workshops to learn how to use Oracle Cards, how to give Oracle Readings and how to make beautiful Intuitive Art. Michelle will illuminate your connection to the divine, whether you’re curious or already intuitive.

Michelle Mann invites you, “Join me on my journey into Art & Spirit.”