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Gold Lotus Card

This card is all about manifesting your abundance. Breaking the cycle of lack or not having enough. What are your thoughts about money? Be very clear about what your belief is. Is it- I have to work really hard to get it? Or I don’t deserve it? Or do you feel you have to give everything away? Or are your services not priced properly because you believe people will think it’s too expensive? Or “I have no skills”? Or “I can’t get a job”. When you are clear on what the belief is, you can change that belief and change your reality.

Inner Temple Card

Time to retreat or regroup. Your inner temple is your sanctuary, it is your creation that you may choose to make just for you. In your imagination think about what you need right now for your inner sanctuary. You can recreate your inner temple any time you feel you are need of healing, or are going through change in your life. As your life is ever changing so can your inner temple.

Flame Card

Go Go Go. It’s time to take action. Don’t hold back. Don’t procrastinate, you have all the ground work done. Fly with passion into your new project, venture or job. When an opportunity is presented say “yes”. All is aligned and waiting for you to take that step.


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“I have found Michelle’s readings life changing. She was able to tune into my aura and accurately identify the blocks I was experiencing. Michelle was able to see where my energy blocks were and how it was affecting me as well as help and guide me on how to dissolve the blocks. So the reading also became a healing .The information she passed on to me about both my professional and personal life was incredible. Thankyou Michelle I am very grateful for your wonderful healings and readings.”

Fiona, Brisbane


“I use Oracle Readings 4 times a year to confirm my path and enlighten me as to new goals I wasn’t even aware of and how to get there”.

Kylie, Sunshine Coast.


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