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Liliana Card

Liliana has come to help you trust your intuition and to guide you to increase your ability to trust yourself. You might brush off knowing or feelings as a good guess or a hunch. But she is here to encourage you to follow your heart and if you have a feeling that something is pulling at you, you are probably 99% right. Read books, find out more about using your intuition and discover more about this gift that is in all of us. Learn card reading, meditation, psychometry etc. to build your skills.

Queens and Princesses Card

This millennium will see the rise of divine, feminine energy and women will rise up and take their places as leaders of the new and changing world. Men will stand beside and support their women. You are being called to become a leader/teacher in your field. You have the knowledge and ability to pass on to other women and our younger generation, our future, which will see them rise up in confidence and gentle loving power. Take the first step.

Gold Padlock Card

Be careful in being open with your new ideas. “Keep your cards close to your chest”. Someone you may not suspect may not be working in your favour. Keep your ideas close until you are ready to step forward with your new idea into the world. The key on the right is all the practical knowledge you need for this new idea-e.g. Research. The key on
the left is to communicate with someone you trust to get feedback- listen with your heart. Trust your guidance at this time.


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“I have found Michelle’s readings life changing. She was able to tune into my aura and accurately identify the blocks I was experiencing. Michelle was able to see where my energy blocks were and how it was affecting me as well as help and guide me on how to dissolve the blocks. So the reading also became a healing .The information she passed on to me about both my professional and personal life was incredible. Thankyou Michelle I am very grateful for your wonderful healings and readings.”

Fiona, Brisbane


“I use Oracle Readings 4 times a year to confirm my path and enlighten me as to new goals I wasn’t even aware of and how to get there”.

Kylie, Sunshine Coast.


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