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Guardian Angel Card

She is your Guardian Angel. She is by your side always. You can connect with her whenever you need her loving energy. You may feel her presence around you and ask her to help you. She can’t help you unless you ask. You may be going through issues or just passed through a difficult time and she is guiding you. Take care at this time.

Inner Temple Card

Time to retreat or regroup. Your inner temple is your sanctuary, it is your creation that you may choose to make just for you. In your imagination think about what you need right now for your inner sanctuary. You can recreate your inner temple any time you feel you are need of healing, or are going through change in your life. As your life is ever changing so can your inner temple.

Mirror Mirror Card

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Are you comfortable with what you see? Start today by doing something for yourself that you’ve previously put off. Love yourself the way you are right now and do anything to raise your self-confidence, e.g. wear a colour that lifts your vibration, style your hair, get a facial, practice yoga, have a massage, start that short course you have always wanted to do, whatever you need for you. You are beautiful in every way!


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“I have found Michelle’s readings life changing. She was able to tune into my aura and accurately identify the blocks I was experiencing. Michelle was able to see where my energy blocks were and how it was affecting me as well as help and guide me on how to dissolve the blocks. So the reading also became a healing .The information she passed on to me about both my professional and personal life was incredible. Thankyou Michelle I am very grateful for your wonderful healings and readings.”

Fiona, Brisbane


“I use Oracle Readings 4 times a year to confirm my path and enlighten me as to new goals I wasn’t even aware of and how to get there”.

Kylie, Sunshine Coast.


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