Gold Lotus Oracle Deck


The Gold Lotus Oracle Deck is a combination of beautifully painted images and spiritual insight. 47 cards vibrant and rich in colour designed with gold foil edges and featuring Michelle Mann’s original intuitive artworks. Included booklet provides story for each card & meanings – for insight, guidance & reflective relaxation…

Michelle: “This brings together all aspects of my art and spiritual life just for YOU…”

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The Gold Lotus Oracle Deck has been described as the best oracle deck for 2018 and 2019. Michelle Mann, author of the Gold Lotus Oracle deck and book is a Reiki Master and teaches art therapy and spiritual guidance to empower others to express themselves emotionally thus assisting with the healing process. Michelle has been using and teaching the use of oracle and angel card guidance for multiple decades. At the same time over many years she has developed and taught fine arts and mixed media art skills across Queensland. The Gold Lotus Oracle Deck combines Michelle’s psychic intuition and gorgeous vibrant art and all over the world people are finding it very accurate.



Using the cards for a reading for yourself or others can help bring you clarity, guidance and healing.

Using the Cards Together:

The cards can be used together to form a more in depth reading as the cards flow from one to the other. Using the cards can support and grow your intuition and self awareness.
As a Journalling Prompt:

You can use the cards daily by pulling one card. The cards can be used as a journalling prompt by selecting a card or cards and then write about how you are feeling and then look at the book for further information. There is a Journalling and art exercise in the Gold Lotus Book. Check out a similar one here on my blog.


If you are a practising healer, Gold Lotus Oracle cards can be used in your healing practice. In a healing select a card for each chakra and either place it on the person or on the floor under the table you work on. Each card will vibrate to that chakra and helps to clear and balance the chakra. Visual connection with the images on the cards also aids in clearing of the energy in the body and Aura.
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 “I was really impressed with the beautiful presentation and high quality…I bought a deck for myself first but have now purchased several for gifts”

Jaqui Phillips, Australia.

Please allow 7 to 10 days to receive your order in Australia and 14 to 28 days in other countries.

*Max 10: Through the webshop you can buy a maximum of 10 Oracle decks in one order and a maximum of 15 products (any combination) in total. If you are after more than 10 decks today please contact me so we can provide an accurate bulk shipping quote.

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Weight 357 g
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 3 cm

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