Mint Leaves & Raspberry Pops – Original Art on Paper


Mint Leaves & Raspberry Pops: The childhood memories of mint leaves, raspberry pops and sliced watermelon. I remember having to sit on the steps to eat watermelon in case we got it on any of the furniture. Of course the days when you ran to the corner store to buy mint leaves and raspberry pops with a few cents came up for me as I was painting this. Wonderful memories. This piece would be amazing in any living area and will bring joy and fun.

This is an unframed original artwork on paper.
A3  180 sgm watercolour paper.

**You will be sent a gift with each purchase…


Michelle on her abstract art process: 

“I start with a series of mark making, lines and symbols. I use layers to build up a story and use many different tools to create texture in my art. I am always exploring different supplies, tools and ways of achieving movement and flow.

“These abstracts look even better up close, where you’ll see a variety of hidden marks and meanings within the art.”