What’s in your numbers? – Personal Numerology Report


What’s in your numbers details a month by month break down of your personal year ahead.


Needing a personal guide to navigate 2022? What’s in your numbers details a month by month break down of your personal year ahead. I use numerology, Gold Lotus Oracle, tarot and messages received from source to guide your report.

This is calculated from your birthday and is personalised just for you. Your numerology blueprint holds so much information about you, your pathway through life and so much more. But some of the most important information can come from just knowing how your birthday interrelates with the current personal year and month you are in. It can guide you to understand what energy you are experiencing and help you plan ahead.

For example, if you are in a one (1) personal year you will experience new beginnings and doors opening with offers that may be very different from your previous few years. It can be an emotional year as you transition into a new cycle and new energy of 1.

Another example, is if you are in a four (4 ) personal year you will have to look after your health and your work will dominate and affect your health. It is a year that can have you feeling drained but if you are aware you can implement strategies to save your energy.

Your personal year ahead includes:

  • Overview of the current year 2022/6 universal year
  • Personalised overview of the year as it pertains to you
  • Month by month guide to the energy that you will experience
  • Intuitive guidance personalised just for you to help you navigate your year ahead. My intuitive guidance in Numerology is combined with a reading from the Gold Lotus Oracle deck, tarot and personal messages that I may receive from source.

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Michelle has been studying intuitive numerology for 20 years -“numerology is a fascinating subject and can show you many facets of yourself, your year and month ahead as well as the decades ahead, what challenges you may face and how best to work with the energy you may be experiencing”. Michelle Mann.