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sandy-belljohnelleMichelle Mann - Australian mixed media artist and teacher




Over the years Michelle Mann’s spiritual and intuitive practise has led her to develop meaningful working relationships with highly experienced spiritual and astrological readers and they now nurture each other and a wider community of women via Oracle Readings.

Empowering Women

Over time, women from all over the world have joined our community and found guidance and self development solutions via our network of highly intuitive readers.

Why not find out your destiny or receive guidance through a personalised oracle reading?

Gain access to a skilled network of intuitive practitioners who are already helping women worldwide.

All readers have been reviewed and selected by Michelle for their ability to use their intuition to guide you about issues surrounding you right now.

Michelle not only offers readings but has experienced the individual guidance of every reader in our team. So each reader comes personally recommended and each reading is delivered via email in detailed format.


Gold Lotus Oracle Reading 1 Question– AUD$35.00

Enter one question and your email address via our discreet secure portal and your reading will be emailed to you within 48 hours.
Gold Lotus Oracle Reading 2 Questions-AUD$55.00

Enter 2 questions & your email address via our discreet secure portal – your reading will be emailed within 48 hours.


Love your Oracle Readings but wanting more?

Some of our community members love an oracle reading a couple of times a year or more, but for others they want to have further and more personal guidance from their reader. How do we handle this? We make Bespoke and Personal Guidance available subsequent to your First Oracle Reading by email invitation. This way, the initial Oracle Reading enables you to “test-drive” a reader at a reasonable cost first.


Who are our Oracle Readers?


Michelle Mann - Australian mixed media artist and teacherAs author and creator of the Gold Lotus Oracle Deck, with 27 years of spiritual and intuitive practise, Michelle is available for set periods throughout the year. Michelle uses clairvoyance, reading cards and art therapy to assist and direct her clients. Michelle is a warm and approachable reader. When Michelle is available her name will appear in the selection list below alongside the other readers.

Michelle says “I am an intuitive reader. I focus on what you are needing right now to guide you through life’s maze.

My readings are a healing, in that, I focus my energy on your aura and send light to the areas you are needing healing either physical or emotional. In my 20 years experience I have helped many people with inspiration to move through hard decisions and empower them to follow their dreams.

There are times in our lives when we feel blocked and need guidance and comfort. I believe we all have potential to follow our d

From Fiona in Brisbane: “I have found Michelle’s readings life changing. She was able to tune into my aura and accurately identify the blocks I was experiencing. Michelle was able to see where my energy blocks were and how it was affecting me as well as help and guide me on how to dissolve the blocks. So the reading also became a healing .The information she passed on to me about both my professional and personal life was incredible. Thankyou Michelle I am very grateful for your wonderful healings and readings.”


lyn-moesLyn is a Sunshine Coast based intuitive reader and yoga guru with many years experience. Lyn is available for Oracle Readings and brings her many years of meditative practise and teaching to her work. Lyn also teaches meditation.
Lyn says “As a yoga practitioner and teacher and I find that my yoga informs my intuitive practice and vice versa.”


johnelleJohnelle has more than 30 years’ experience using her physic abilities. She’s very warm, caring and has a great sense of humour. Having had experiences with the spiritual world for as long as she can remember, she connects with spirit through a range of mediums including, clairvoyance; reading cards; psychometry and connecting with the higher self and universal connections. Johnelle is a gifted reader who enjoys supporting people to reach the higher plain of evolvement and guiding them on their life journey.


sandy-bellSandy is a crystal healer and spiritual reader, again with many years experience. Sandy offers Oracle Readings and uses crystal vibrations to assist her to divine answers for you. Sandy is approachable and caring, and is dedicated to helping her clients divine the best possible year ahead.

How to Book your Oracle Reading now

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Enter your first name, email address, then select your reader and enter your question/s ($35 for one, $55 for two).

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“I use Oracle Readings 4 times a year to confirm my path and enlighten me as to new goals I wasn’t even aware of and how to get there”.

Kylie Davies, Author and Business Owner.


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